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AQUA SERVICES (UK) are specialists in the treatment of incoming water and water hygiene solutions. Good water treatment programs are an essential factor in the day to day maintenance procedures employed within industrial sectors such as Steam Boiler Plants, Cooling Towers/Systems and water hygiene in buildings.

Steam Boiler Treatment Programs:

It is essential that the feed water is treated with the correct chemicals such as, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitors and polymers to maintain your steam boiler plant and prevent expensive repair bills such as boiler tube replacement etc. We manufacture all our own Steam Boiler Treatment chemicals in house cutting out the middle man. Our field service technicians provide on site analysis to your steam boiler water to ensure that the correct treatments are being used and are effective. All work is carried out to BS2486 quality standards.

Cooling Tower Treatment Programs:

The make up water quality in your cooling tower not only effects the efficiency of your system but is also at high risk of harboring the growth of the Legionella Bacteria if not correctly monitored and treated. We supply biocide chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and bromine tablets for the control of legionella in cooling towers. A very important part of our cooling tower program is 6 monthly clean and disinfections, quarterly legionella testing by our UKAS laboratories, weekly dip slide analysis to monitor bacterial activity and monthly make up water quality analysis by our field service technicians. All work is carried out to ACOP L8 standards and guidelines.

ACOP L8 Control of legionella in hot & cold water systems in commercial buildings:

If you own or manage a commercial property you are responsible for the control of legionella in the buildings water system(s). Aqua Services UK offer a complete water hygiene program as a service provider to control and monitor the risk of legionella. We can carry out Legionella Risk Assessments, monthly monitoring regime's, implementation of a suitable management procedure, legionella analysis by UKAS registered laboratories and water system disinfection/chlorination services. Aqua Services UK are members of the LCA (legionella control association) which means we must work to the approved code of conduct and as such our clients can be assured that all work is carried out as per ACOP L8 legislation.

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